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Waterfall Weekend

North Carolina

October 2020

Death Valley

March 2021


Utah’s Mighty Five

September 2020


Japan in Autumn

with Dennis Hellwig

November 2020

Canadian Rockies

with Dennis Hellwig

January 2021

Lofoten Islands

with Dennis Hellwig

February 2021


with Dennis Hellwig

May 2021

Camargue Horses

with Dennis Hellwig

May 2021

Reserve Your Adventure Now!

Have you ever wondered how photographers get their amazing shots?  Ever wanted to pick up some new photography skills, or want to travel more but not sure where to start?  If so, then a workshop may be right for you!  You do not need to be an experienced photographer to enjoy a workshop.  All that’s required is a camera, excitement to learn something new, and a desire to see the world like you’ve never seen it before!

Think a workshop might be too expensive for you?  Think again!  Workshops can be more affordable than going it alone, and you get the benefit of expert guidance ensuring you are always in the right place at the right time for the perfect shot.  Let’s take your skills to the next level while creating epic memories for a lifetime!

Have an idea for somewhere you would like to travel?  Send me a message and let me know!  I also offer one-on-one skills sessions or private travel experiences tailored to your specific interests!  Let’s design something incredible together!

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