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Talor Stone is an award-winning landscape and wilderness photographer based in Virginia Beach, VA.  She has traveled extensively in North America and around the world, and her most recent projects highlight the rapidly changing conditions of the Arctic.  This visual imagery complements PhD research projects focused on transnational circumpolar relations to create meaningful research with powerful visual impact.

Talor sets herself apart by camping in the areas she photographs often for weeks at a time and in challenging conditions to create compelling and personal images.  Her longest expedition includes four continuous months camping unsupported across the American Southwest.  In the summer of 2019, Talor is attempting to walk to the polar ice cap from the western coast of Greenland solo and unsupported to document the changes resulting from the receding of the ice.  These experiences have generated a deep appreciation for vulnerable and fragile regions of the world and an increased awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving them.

Talor’s images are never photoshopped and are minimally processed to preserve the authentic beauty of the natural world and convey it in an honest way.  In doing so, she hopes to bring attention to fragile landscapes and inspire viewers of her work to take their own measures, great or small, to protect them.

Get to know Talor better by perusing her blog which features hilarious excerpts from the trail, personal anecdotes about life, love and travel, and helpful tips about how to see more of the world.

To support Talor’s mission, consider purchasing a print from one of the themed galleries or contact her for information about noteworthy non-profits she supports.

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